Lesson No. 3. Team. How to attract co-founders with the necessary competencies and motivate the team in difficult moments.

After we are motivated for Techpreneurship and inspired by the Idea, we gather a TEAM around the idea!

Highs and Lows. «The low points at startup are so low that few can bear them alone. When you have multiple founders, everyone thinks, “I can’t let go of my friends.” This is one of the most powerful forces in human nature, and it does not exist when there is only one founder.

Every startup has the following roles. Who are you?
  • Hacker, Techie who MAKES the product [Development]
  • Hustler, Dvizhnyak PR-manager who will be able to SELL a product [Customer Relations, Marketing]
  • Hipster, UX/UI designer who makes the product USER-friendly [view of a user with “basic brain functions”]
  • Mentor, business expert for a sober assessment of ideas and actions taken [Unbiased analysis]

Link to lesson: startup-course.com/3

Presentation: Slideshow of 7 slides.

Video lecture: "All About Co-Founders" (with) Cat Li & Divya Bhat [00:31:44]

Video lecture:"Before the Startup". Agile-Scrum (With) Simon Hoberg [00:10:46]

Assessment. Base. A questionnaire on the above topic in order to “test yourself” and your understanding. Show to inspector if necessary. "Built-in mandatory tester ➡️ available via separate link

Additional Materials in English:

Team and Execution by Sam Altman from Y-Combinator

Hiring and Culture by Patrick and John Collison, Ben Silbermann from Y-Combinator

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