Lesson №1/15. Introduction to Technological Entrepreneurship. The relevance of startups and course program

Technological Entrepreneurship - creating a new business based on sustainable high-tech competitive advantage idea.

Time requirement:
  • Disrupt! "Fast kills big"
  • TOP5 the most expensive companies - technogiants FAAMG
  • Every business will be a software business
  • Exponential growth. Acceleration of acceleration. VUCA-world
  • Industry 4.0 and TechnoSingularity. Basic Income in Machine Age
  • Business-oriented students with entrepreneurial mind-set. Initiative problem-solvers
State requirement:
  • The international technology park of IT start-ups and the core of Kazakhstan's startup ecosystem Astana hub opened on the spot EXPO2017 near AIFC and quarterly launches incubation and acceleration flows
  • NATR (QazTech Ventures JSC) co-sponsors business incubators and accelerators, provides grants and develops RK venture market
  • The state program “Digital Kazakhstan” mentions the word “startup” exactly 47 times, implies development Startup Ecosystems and Youth Entrepreneurship
  • SEZ PIT / Tekhgarden / IT-quarter makes an acceleration program ICOstartup, gives out $ 20k of investments and sends promising startups to Silicon Valley in the USA
  • The business incubator MOST.com.kz actively promotes FinTechStars and DataHub, regularly conducts Startup Weekends and other events.
  • The state program "Rukhani Zhagyru" requires the annual Demoday Startups and Business Projects students in each university of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Summary: Young entrepreneurs have a green light everywhere!

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