Lesson No. 5. Customer Development. Studying clients through Problem Interviews.

Having broken down your Target Audience into Customer Segments, talk to a consumer from each customer segment of your target audience. "Get out of the building!" Conduct a problem interview and under no circumstances turn it into a decision interview.

Customer Development (CustDev/KazDev) is testing an idea or prototype of a future product on potential consumers, that is, a customer-oriented approach to creating a business. According to this concept, the product must solve the customer's problem. According to the Lean Startup methodology, first the problem is identified, then the product is developed, and not vice versa.

CustDev interviews are:

  • Expert interview is a conversation/consultation with a competent specialist (expert) in a certain field about a problem and existing methods of solution.
  • Problem interview identifies whether there is a problem and determines the price of its solution for the client.
  • Decision interview determine whether the client is ready to buy a product with the proposed functionality.

Lean StartUp - Lean Startup - the concept of an iterative approach to the development and launch of new products on the market. Lean Startup = CustDev + Business Model + Agile

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Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing by Adora Cheung from Y-Combinator

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